Best Puppy Training Books for New Puppy Owners

It lightly touches on every topic, and it’s a great choice both for a new dog owner or a veteran who needs a refresh. Ashley is a product reviewer who is passionate about writing service-focused content that brings joy into people’s lives. From home decor to pets, she loves to cover everything lifestyle. Her over 10 years of experience has included writing for TIME, AOL, and Fundera. Kim Collins has been training dogs for over 25 years, and is an Agility Champion .

The delightful and brilliant Chalcy was her own Weimaraner, a world-class performer who has starred in circuses, shows and even with Angelina Jolie and for the King of Morocco. Rather than a single voice, this book is a collection of articles written by a group of like-minded professional dog trainers. They have collaborated with each other to compile this book on “The Stress-Free Way to Live in Harmony with Your Dog”. This means their “force-free, fear-free” training philosophy is the same, but each one focuses on a different aspect of training or behavioural problems. I am not the only one concerned about the amount of bad dog training information out there.

Dog trainers are wonderful resources, as are a number of websites, but a book on the topic can give you a more comprehensive understanding of dog training principals and common mistakes to avoid. It’s also good to have a book on hand to reference when you need it. Tricks and games are some of the best way to motivate Humans to train their Dogs. Plenty of people who shirk their homework and procrastinate “”important training”” are happy to spend an afternoon perfecting a trick or playing a training game. They can be so much fun, and so motivating, and they are a great way to teach your dog to perform pro-social behaviors on cue, to help put other people and dogs at ease.

Then it’s time to teach Bring Me a Beer, and Cover Your Eyes… so impossibly cute it makes me smile every time. Kaelin Munkelwitz is the owner and head trainer at All Things Pup based in Los Angeles. With over 10 years of experience, Kaelin is known for ‘knowing dogs’ better than anyone. For new owners, this book is a great choice since it will show you how to set your puppy off to a great start – and how to prepare you when things can get rocky. In Dog Training Revolution, he gives you information on everything from making sure you choose the right dog, to basic training, to correcting bad behavior, to healthcare for your pup, and more. Get tons of great dog training tutorials, canine gear guides, and the latest doggy discounts.

As well as going through basic commands and common issues, Sam Quinn explains how to support your pet through difficult scenarios like teething, vet visits and loud noises. Zak George quickly became a star of the dog training world after appearing in several Animal Planet shows, including SuperFetch. He’s also one of the biggest dog trainers on YouTube, with around 3.5 million followers.

Conversely, if you have a new dog, you’ll want to focus on basic behaviors that allow it to live well in your home—such as housebreaking and not jumping on guests—before you teach it other skills. If you’re interested in training your pup for agility competitions, you could check here The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility by Laurie Leach is a great place to start. This 256-page book covers subjects from creating your very own agility obstacles to the ins-and-outs of clicker training. Agility competitions can be fun for you and your pet and provide an active, bonding experience you’ll both enjoy.

All 352 pages are filled with expertise about training, loving and caring for a new puppy as the monks draw on their 30-plus years of experience raising German Shepherd puppies. It will help your puppy adjust to his or her new home and offers tips for every stage of a puppy’s life. This book moved me to tears after just reading a couple of pages. The authors describe lots of cases where dogs have helped people in their lives – calming students, giving elderly people hope, and making them want to do things again.

A book describing what dogs need to live an enriched life and how you can meet those needs in everyday settings. The positive training read aims to steer your pup on the right path at record speed through praise and reward. An easy-to-follow guide for owners with sniffers struggling with resource-guarding behavior. Many of these pointers are things you’d look for in a good dog trainer, too. Horse & Hound magazine, out every Thursday, is packed with all the latest news and reports, as well as interviews, specials, nostalgia, vet and training advice. Find how you can enjoy the magazine delivered to your door every week, plus options to upgrade your subscription to access our online service that brings you breaking news and reports as well as other benefits.

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