Residential Security Services

If this occurs at night, switch off interior and switch on exterior lights for better visibility. An advance list should be obtained of all expected visitors each day. These people should be positively identified before being allowed access. Unscheduled visitors and contractors, painters, cleaners, utility services, etc., should be vetted before being allowed access. Identity documents should be checked and the company called for verification. If deemed necessary, his/her bags should be searched and if he/she refuses, then entry should be denied.

Nevertheless, the general concept of the RST providing property protection remains the same. First and foremost, the main responsibility of a Residential Security team is to protect individuals and their property. This will require security operatives to remain vigilant, observant and be fully equipped to deal with any potential threats. While having electronic gates and sophisticated alarms systems certainly go a long way in keeping these elements at bay, they do have their limitations.

You can tell Blackbird puts a heavy emphasis on customer service training with their staff. Dealing with Blackbird for the past 5 years has been a pleasure and I will continue to use and recommend their services to other property managers and strata council members. When your tenants know that you have security guards on duty and that they’re constantly being monitored, they’ll be less likely to commit crimes on the property. Add signs around your complex announcing your security team and you’ll further discourage theft and property damage. We have over 20 years’ experience working in close protection and security, and we offer a full portfolio of security services.

The Principal on the other hand, will want his/her residence to look more like a home and this is where a deal must be struck. The following are a few suggestions that may be discussed with ‘the man’. Executive protection is always a part of any robust residential security package. Keeping a high net worth individual safe isn’t only limited to the individual. It also involves keeping their families and homes safe from the invasion of privacy, maintaining the integrity of the information in those locations, and stopping threats dead in their tracks.

One of the main things a prospective tenant will look for in a residential complex is safety. In fact, many people put safety as priority number one, above location, style, and even price. Everyone has a right to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable in their own home, and the safety and security of your loved ones and your family home is priceless.

Patrols keep your property and residents safe from potential risks as well as providing detection of security issues that are happening now. Our security guards can perform regular or irregular, foot or vehicle patrols on your property and around the perimeter to ensure that all potential threats are detected in a timely manner. Your residents will feel confident knowing that there is always someone present in the event that their safety is at risk. The Off Duty Officers security personnel will create this strong first impression, while still being that friendly face that your residents appreciate. Our residential security guards can check identification, maintain visitor lists, open or secure gates at designated times and provide resident and visitor assistance.

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