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They can be taken independently or be integrated into existing courses, including blended learning courses, for example as an introduction to courses offered in-person. IMO has developed a number of e-Learning courses with the purpose of increasing the capacity of Member States to effectively implement IMO instruments. vip security course are also available to anyone interested in maritime issues wishing to enhance their maritime knowledge. Interactive, accessible and gender-aware, the e-Learning tool is designed for government officials from LDCs and SIDS as per the mandate of the Trust Fund. This portal is a customized platform that serves as a hub for learners wishing to expand their knowledge of different disciplines relevant to ESCWA’s thematic areas and in-line with regional development priorities.

Combine the study of Greek language with literature, history and courses in Humanities. Study aspects of German culture ranging from language, literature and film studies to history, urban studies and political science. Gain a unique intercultural perspective for meeting the challenges of our increasingly global world. Learn how climate change, population growth, biophysical contaminants and extreme weather events are straining our ecosystems and our lives through alterations to Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, water and landforms. Choose one of two streams in either the Environmental Dynamics or Biodiversity and Conservation.

Set yourself apart for careers focused on Spanish language and culture including teaching, communications, interpretation, or translation. Develop a thorough understanding by exploring Spanish literature, cinema, theatre, and politics in small classes with dynamic, supportive professors. Consider our D-TEIL Certificate to get hands-on experience in Cuba or our Accelerated BA in Spanish Translation. Combine practical experience with in-class studies about critical social work perspectives and approaches with our social work program, recognized as one of the most progressive and socially responsive programs in Canada. Combine studies in mathematics, statistics, and education, develop a wide perspective on the teaching and learning of mathematics, and receive a BA or BSc in Mathematics for Education.

Conversation is key to their work and they increasingly need to perform in calls in noisy environments in a way that also allows for concentration prior to calls. Advance your research with access to our collection of journals, books, databases and more. Buy our trending imprints to help you learn a new skill or get training material. Our brands and imprints cover a wide range of titles, from Dummies to The Leadership Challenge. Buy or rent textbooks, learn new subjects and skills on your own, or get the materials to prep for tests and certifications.

Ageris Group has been training and supporting the Data Privacy Professionals in their mission since 2003. Its experts benefit from a legal as well as a security competence to ensure an overall compliance with the GDPR is all its aspects. Technica Zen is a pioneering consulting firm in Japan that focuses solely on helping organizations manage their data privacy concerns under today’s privacy imperative. We are committed to infusing, and helping to build and support, a privacy culture within all organizations to help companies and brands win the trust from their stakeholders, employees and customers. At IT Security Training Australia, we ensure information and privacy practitioners are armed with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their professions and achieve all their career goals.

The adaptation of this checklist for medical emergency care was led by an expert group from the WHO global emergency care systems network. The WHO Medical Emergency Checklist is appropriate in any setting delivering emergency care, and can be easily adapted to local needs. The WHO Medical Emergency Checklist is a modified version of the WHO Trauma Care Checklist designed for use in emergency units for patients with acute conditions such as severe difficulty in breathing. It reviews actions at two critical points to ensure that no life threatening conditions are missed and that timely, life-saving interventions are performed.

In this program you will blend foundational knowledge and technical skills to explore intriguing topics such as computer systems that mimic human vision or mine data for useful information. You will also learn about the methodologies that lead to efficient, accurate computation. In the BA degree, liberal arts complement your studies in computer science and in the BSc you’ll take science courses such as physics, chemistry and biology. The iBA, iBSc or the dual-degree option add an international component to your learning.

Unlock insights from our faculty, connect with a global peer group and access Learning Manager support as you work through engaging assignments and self-paced activities on our online programmes for individuals, teams and organisations. The course is divided into three modules, each including a video, transcript and readings. The modules cover disinformation and evolving data; mutations and variants; and vaccines and medications. Health and science experts and journalists from different regions around the world speak about professional challenges on reporting on COVID-19; inequitable access to information, and global contexts for journalists covering new developments around the pandemic. It is a hands-on practical guide to be used by health care professionals involved in clinical care management during outbreaks of influenza virus human infection due avian influenza virus , MERS-CoV, COVID-19 or other emerging respiratory viral epidemics. The Clinical Management of Patients with COVID-19 course series is developed for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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