Why Do Neighborhoods Have Ponds

Providing many benefits to landscapes with the potential for flooding, retention ponds are designed to move runoff water downward, away from higher elevation areas. As such, these basins help remove pollutants and provide security and safety. Yet, overgrowth of trees and other vegetation can affect the way in which a retention pond drains. Ultimately, this could lead to land erosion, as excess water is not properly directed and contained. Moreover, drains could become clogged with debris and/or sediment. Not only does this become an issue at the state level, as standards are not met, it is a major concern for Homeowner’s Associations, property management groups, businesses and private residences.

The engineer designed this retention basin with a liner because of the high water table. The impermeable PVC liner creates a barrier that prevents contamination of the groundwater system. As runoff enters the wet pond, the sediment will settle but the water will not infiltrate the groundwater system. Retention ponds are permanent structures so their design must support longevity. You have likely seen retention ponds in neighborhoods, shopping centers and business parks. If you want start a Retention pond maintenance business check this link https://edumanias.com/business-news/how-to-start-a-retention-pond-maintenance-business-the-ultimate-guide/

Stormwater management at the source can save millions of dollars in costly repairs that would otherwise be used to remedy erosion or prevent floods. The construction of a basin is a popular method of stormwater management. Basins are designed to gather water and release it slowly enough to avoid floods and erosion.

Identify anything that is interfering with the pond’s intended functioning. Trash, dirt, or excessive sediment clogging or obstructing outlets. When it comes to cattails and phragmites, timing is important. They’ll grow back quickly and aggressively if you trim them down during their growing season, which is spring through summer. This vegetation control should ideally be done in the winter.

A riser and orifice at a higher point are used to keep a persistent pool of water in a retention basin or pond. A retention pond resembles a conventional pond, yet it serves a crucial function in stormwater runoff control. Stormwater retention ponds are an essential part of water management in Florida. The water runoff from storm drains keeps roads and parking lots from flooding in heavy rains. Stormwater retention ponds that fill up with aquatic weeds, trash, and sediment, hinder the collection of that rain runoff, potentially causing a flooding problem.

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