Disney Games For Kids – Plays With Disney Toys

Disney games for kids are some of the best options for keeping the kids occupied over a summer break. No matter what age your kids are, they will love all the different games that Disney has to offer. It is not just about making stuff perfect, but rather you will still be able to make things fun for the entire family this coming summer. Each week there are giving a theme for you as the parent to follow with plenty of great ideas for summertime activities for kids which include crafts, toys, computer games, sports, adventure and educational tools and recipes. With Disney games for kids, you will surely find something that matches the interest of your child.

If you are looking for a cool activity to do over the summer, then the Disney party game idea of finding Disney characters is an excellent one to start with. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is print the picture of the character you are looking for. Print it on a large sheet of paper or a card and have kids randomly pick out an object from the air, such as a palm tree, pirate ship or a starfish. You need to keep track of who picked what object and mark it as the winner so that next time the same theme is used, they have to guess what it is.

Another cool idea for keeping the kids entertained is by decorating a piece of paper with the face of either Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse and having children trace the outline of the characters on the sheet of paper. You could also decorate the paper plate with the face of a certain Disney character. A great game is to see who can guess the most items from a list of Disney cartoon characters. Then the children can present their answer to the question and the winner gets to keep the Disney gift. This can include such things as a small plastic tool kit, a small paintbrush, a small Disney collectible or a pin.

For a more adult oriented game of Slot Online Disney for grownups, one that is sure to be loved by all, you can have Disney characters come to life in a game of Freeze Tag. Take a roll of quarters and cover each one in pennies. Have kids freeze tag their way across the board or use their imagination to tag someone and then remove the penny from its skin. When it’s removed the player who removed the last penny wins.

To round out the night at your kid’s Disney party, play the classic game of Freeze Tag. Get three blocks of square Pixar toys, such as cars, trucks, and airplanes and cover each one in pennies. The object of the game is to tag the others with coins so that they cannot move. One person is allowed to be the player who does not tag anyone else while the other two play the Disney movie character versions of the characters.

These are just a few ideas for something your kids will enjoy during summer activities or nights like these. Disney movies have always been popular, and especially for those that are children, they bring back memories of sitting in the backyard, waiting for that magical moment to arrive when Cinderella is let out of the castle and meet her knight in shining armor. Now it’s your chance to create your own magical memories with your own kids by playing some of your favorite Disney toys and games.

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