About Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is needed to make more than one protein. It is also used to metabolize Vitamin D in the body. You may have heard that vitamin D is not good for you and the studies show that your risk of getting rickets is less when you take a vitamin B12 supplement. Click here for more information about this site.

One reason a doctor will recommend you take a vitamin B12 supplement is because they want you to develop a heart disease or cancer. I don’t know what to say other than this is BS. It is true that certain cancers have been linked to low levels of vitamin B12 in the body. But don’t think that just because you have these diseases they mean you will get them.

If you think you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you can find out the cause of it by asking your doctor. They can tell you what to eat and when to take vitamin B12 supplements. The problem is that many people don’t like the way their doctor recommends things.

The studies are controversial but the studies done on animals have shown that when you take a vitamin B12 supplement your risk of getting cancer or heart disease are less. There are no scientific studies that have linked vitamin B12 to these conditions. The studies show that taking vitamin B12 supplements is not harmful and can help you with the risk of developing cancer or heart disease.

Vitamin B12 is needed in order to help metabolize Vitamin D. It is also needed to metabolize Progesterone. Many women take a vitamin B12 supplement to help their uterus heal from miscarriage. And women can sometimes suffer from Lupus and be deficient in B12. You may be required to take a supplement at some point of your life.

While we can take vitamin B12 supplements, we don’t need to. If you eat a healthy diet of plenty of fresh vegetables and lean meat, your chances of having a vitamin B12 deficiency are very low. If you are exposed to radiation or exposed to radon gas then you may have a deficiency.

We take necessary supplements for other things such as heart disease and cancer. Our bodies work like a well oiled machine so while we are not perfect, we do have our jobs.

These studies don’t mean that you should go out and buy all the supplements you can. They just mean that there are more benefits to the healthy diet and plenty of fresh produce.

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