John Legend to perform in Dubai for DSF Closing Celebration

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The Family

Family roots are very important for John, who claims to have grown up in a musical environment: “There was a piano in our lot, and from an early age I learned to play and read music. When I was 8 or 9 years old, I already played in the local church. I learned a lot of church songs with my grandmother, and while attending classical music lessons, singing and playing in church, I managed to develop a good ear. I always liked to feel that people were responding to my singing or playing, I even started to write down my church songs little by little when I was already in high school. I was full of desires and just loved performing on stage. ”

  • Starting to realize his dreams in a church choir, having crossed the threshold of 10 years, he turned his attention to the radio, listening to the music of Jodeci, Boyz II Men, LL Cool J and MC Hammer. With obvious musical abilities, John applied to several colleges, choosing the University of Pennsylvania as a result, with a specialization in English. But in the intervals between study and work, Legend tried to devote every minute of free time to musical creativity, recording a CD with his companions, performing solo at a talent show and directing the choir of the local church. Only a month after recording “Get Lifted,” Legend ended his 9-year career as a music and choral director at the AME sectarian prayer service outside of Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia

While in Philadelphia in the late 90s, John had the opportunity to meet new musicians – such as Jill Scott and The Roots – who were right in the heart of the burgeoning neo-soul stream. Dedicated to his work, John continued to perform both in Philly and abroad, and already in 2000, thanks to shows in New York, Boston, Atlanta and Washington, John was able to gather a fairly large audience of fans around him. The early records, John Stephens, 2000 and Live At Jimmy’s Uptown, 2001, helped sell tickets for the show featuring John, as well as a liveliness on his website. Studio recordings, most often created with the support of teammate Dave Tozer, “were aimed at obtaining a serious result. I was never upset because I often achieved a kind of victory, plus people, the audience sympathized with me. It takes a lot of inner strength to hold out.” In the john legend live concert you can find the best time for you now.

John’s ambition soon paid him off: his former college roommate and co-author Dave Harris introduced John to Kanye West (his cousin), who was considered a hit maker who became famous for his work with Jay-Z and Scarface. “I first met Kanye when he came to watch my show,” Legend recalls. “It wasn’t long before we started working together. At first, he suggested that I sing a couple of lines for several songs that ultimately went to College Dropout. And then he gave me some arrangements to record my own demo. After an hour and a half, I came to him with a finished composition called “Do What I Gotta Do,” based on the rhythms of Areta’s “Til You Come Back To Me”. He performed this song in front of a group of people who warmly accepted the new composition, after which we began to engage in joint creativity more and more. The use of the john legend concert tickets are there and waiting for you.

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